Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nap Dreams

Today I napped while Andrew went into work. I sometimes have weird dreams when I sleep in the middle of the day, but this one was awesome. I dreamt that the door going into Andrew's formal living room (dubbed the Adult Room when his kids were little) led to a little theater. It was a great space with a rounded stage like at Spayde, but it was much smaller. It had a few rows of seats, no more than 25 or so. It was deep and had 4 doors around the back leading offstage... wish I would have checked those out in my dream! I was painting the stage a dark charcoal gray, but it wasn't level, and the paint wasn't covering like I wanted it to. I started picking away at one of the bumps, and the paint started peeling off. I realized it was going to be much easier to peel away the layers than to add another one on top. As I peeled away big sections of paint, I could tell by what was underneath what shows had been done. There were even (for some weird, odd, dreamy reason) actual production posters in each layer. I remember thinking, "Cool! My Fair Lady!" as I ripped away this poster and a layer of Pepto pink paint. Underneath it all was a beautifully worn wooden floor, rubbed smooth by thousands of feet in thousands of previous shows. I remember thinking that I couldn't wait to have a party there or to make the theater a cool new room of Andrew's house. Wouldn't that be awesome... to have your house attached to a small, old little theater? I love dreams.

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