Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Update

I survived the first week back. It wasn't easy. That's the downside of having a great Christmas break... it makes school seem like more of a drudgery than it is. I was glad to see the kids and hear about their breaks, and I was glad to be in the classroom too, but I guess I'm as bad as the kids. I just wasn't ready for my vacation to be over.

We started rehearsals for our show this week. I have a very small cast. I've never had such a thin turnout for auditions before. But, we'll do the best we can. They're very quick learners with choreography, but they're not very experienced singers. We'll have to work hard on that.

Today my new washing machine is being delivered. I was not excited about spending that kind of money, especially out of the money I was saving for my new roof, but it had to be done. I'm excited to try it. It's a front-loader, so I'm hoping I'll use a lot less water. The washing machine I had before was the one I bought from Grandma's previous renter when I moved into the other side of her duplex. I'm sure it was at least 10-15 years old at that point... maybe older! So, it did its job. I'd had to buy a dryer a few years ago, so it was only a matter of time before the washing machine pooped out too.

I have book club today after school. We're discussing The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. If you don't know anything about Randy Pausch, you should really take a look at the website. What an amazing spirit, and what an amazing teacher.

Despite my New Year's resolutions, I had a really down day on Wednesday. I don't know what was going on, but whatever the cause, it was a very down day. Always a glutton for punishment, I ended the day looking through some Sutherlin home movies for a clip of our Arizona reunion. I was frustrated because I cannot find that thing! I have no idea what I've done with the tape that included that footage. However, I saw some great images. I watched video of my cousin Kelly hugging my mom, and it made me think of how I feel about Claire, Kate, and Cameron. I watched video of Kelly scooping me (age 1, I think) up in her arms. Life goes on. Families go on. It was comforting to see the love through the generations. I decided to put in the video of Mom and Mike's wedding. I don't think I've watched it since Mom died. I expected to be upset (glutton for punishment again), and I did have tears. However, it wasn't bad. It was actually fun to look at us all. Jeez, we were young. Matt and Travis look like kids. It was fun to see the Mornin' Crew tailgating group 13 years younger. Brad was still a ham for the camera. Kate and Cameron were so little. Steve hardly had any gray hair! Tim was still married to Sharon... weird. Most of all, it was so great to see how in love Mom and Mike were... how they looked at each other, how they talked to each other, how they had to be holding hands or touching all the time. They were so happy... we all were that day! And, it was just so great to hear my mom's voice. I was emotional, but I wasn't hysterical or anything. I guess I just needed to hear her voice. I went to bed feeling better than I had all day. I'm going to have to remember that little remedy. I've shied away from that tape for a lot of years. I'm glad I didn't stay away from it forever.

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