Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I had no idea how emotional I'd be today. My tears started the moment I saw all those people, with hope in their eyes and pride in their hearts. I cried when all the ex-Presidents came through the door to take their places and witness one who came after them. I cried when Rick Warren prayed. I know many people in our country were angry at Obama's choice to give the opening prayer. To me, it symbolizes that President Obama does not want to surround himself with Obama clones. He wants to reach out to those with different opinions and philosophies. He wants us to learn from each other and pool our resources and gifts. Despite what people might assume my opinion to be, I was inspired by Rick Warren's words. I cried when I heard "Hail to the Chief" played for Obama for the first time. I cried all through the President's speech. I love my country and all it stands for. I love how far we've come. I love the hope and optimism I feel for the future. And I couldn't keep it in. I'm overwhelmed.


  1. DITTO!! I made the girls watch it today! Olivia clapped after his address.

  2. Good post, Tena. I watched it too and share many of the same sentiments (but I didn't cry, since I'm such a manly man).

  3. Thanks, Jim. Remember, manly men can cry too, you know! ;)


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