Sunday, November 8, 2015

30 Days of Thanks: Days 6-8 & Other Nice Things

Pair of Shoes, Scent, and Restaurant... those are the topics for days 6-8.  Um, yeah.  I'm going rogue.

Day 6:  Instead of a pair of shoes, I'm grateful to be wearing shoes at all after my foot surgery last December.  It's been almost a year, and I think things are almost back to normal.  I'm back to walking (not as much as I should be), and even though I probably won't ever wear heels again, and I definitely won't wear Danskos again, I'm back to regular shoes.

Day 7: Scent.  Instead of being thankful for a scent, I'll be thankful for what a scent means.  Yesterday we had an early Thanksgiving since Andrew & I will be with his son & daughter-in-law for actual Thanksgiving.  Matt came down on Friday night, and we all went to Cider House.  Holly was home by Saturday morning, and we had a nice morning cooking and getting ready.  Since we put the turkey on before we went to bed Friday night, the whole house smelled like delicious turkey when we got up.  YUM!  Dad, Alice, Dale, Matt, Holly, and Andrew's brother-in-law Jeff came over for the meal, and it was delightful.  Good food and good company... and good leftovers!  :)

Day 8: Restaurant.  Hm.  I like far too many restaurants for my own good, but today I was going through our honeymoon photos, and I found a picture from Seattle when we ate at a place called Ray's Boathouse.  This was my favorite meal of the trip because I love trying new things.  I tried a vegetable called broccoli romanesco.  I had only seen it in pictures until our trip when I saw it in person at Pike Place Market, and then I got to actually eat it when we went out with our friend James Gibson.  It was delicious, especially when paired with my seared fresh tuna and pistachio creme brulee for dessert!

The last exciting piece of news is that we're getting a puppy.  We chose her from the other girls in her litter on Saturday and I am so excited.  She's a miniature golden doodle, and her name is going to be Georgie.  We'll get her during the first week of December, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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