Friday, September 28, 2012

They Make Me Want to Go Postal

Our school building got air-conditioning this summer.  It's fantastic.  We're still trying to put things back together and get rewired for our technology, but the changes are fantastic.  Except for one thing.  I HATE the motion sensor-controlled lights.  I HATE THEM.  Yes, there are times in the day when I sit at my desk working on things for 14 minutes at a time.  14 minutes is the magic number.  I'll be planning or grading or researching, and the lights go off.  I have to stand up and do this crazy flailing dance, trying to get them back on, and my concentration is blown.  I can't stand those things.  They really make me want to hurt someone.

But I won't give up my air-conditioning for anything.  Maybe I'll just get a headlamp and work in the dark.

Arghhhh!  They just went off again.  Not kidding.  >:O

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha! Holy cow, this is funny. When I worked at the church, they put motion sensor lights in the bathrooms ... not 14 minutes, I don't know that I ever timed them, but I do know that if I ever decided to just hide from the noise(we'll call it that), and sit in the quiet, I'd have to either hope for someone else to come in or make my way to the sensor in deep darkness.

    You need to buy a dancing Christmas tree or something and set it on a timer for every 14 minutes. This is hilarious! :)


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