Monday, November 28, 2011

November Gratitude #27 & #28

November 27: It might sound weird, but I'm grateful that I'm an Iowa girl. Some things I love about Iowa:

* my Hawkeyes
* the Iowa State Fair
* having all 4 seasons and loving each one for its own reasons
* the genuine, down-to-earth people
* the bullheadedness that Iowans have that seems say, "We'll do what we think is right, and everyone else can suck it."
* all of my friends could get married here if they so chose
* that most places in the U.S. don't know what a gem we have here
* culture, good food, caring neighbors, simple values... Iowa is a mix of everything good!

November 28: Today I'm grateful for Puska. Andrew's 19 year old cat, Puska, died in his sleep last night, and I'm going to miss him something fierce. As a dog person, I didn't expect that a cat would get under my skin like Puska did. We called him a cog because he was a cat with many dog qualities. I'll never forget how he liked to sit on my lap and how he would come out and greet me with loud meows every time I pulled into Andrew's driveway. He was a very special cat, and he'll be missed. Pets really make life better, don't they?

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