Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Made Her Laugh!!!

Some of you know how much I'm in love with Kelle Hampton's blog. Here is a post I wrote this summer about her blog and how much joy I get from experiencing it. I love her spirit. I love her babies. I love her photography. I love how she puts herself out there for the world, for better or for worse. I hardly ever comment because she has about a million fans who follow her on a regular basis. I never think I have anything earth shattering to say. But this week, when she asked for her readers to share 5 things from their bucket lists, I did. I pulled 5 things off my list (you can find it along the left margin here, down toward the bottom). Well... she actually chose one of the things off my list to highlight on her blog today, and she said I made her laugh!!! Wheeeeeee!!! This might seem lame to you, but this woman gives me so much joy through her blog... it made me so freaking happy to know that I gave her a tiny big of joy back. You can see the post where she mentioned my Sound of Music bucket list item if you click here. It's toward the bottom of the post, but slow down and take in everything you see before you get to my little moment of glory. You won't be sorry.

On a wonderful side note, I picked up my love tonight at the airport. Andrew had been in Japan seeing his daughter. I was missing him like I couldn't even believe, and now HE'S HOME!!!! All is right with the world. Sigh...

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