Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Back

Well, I survived the first day back to school. I was kind of crabby though. The kids' brains were still on holiday break, so I had to use my teacher voice on more than one occasion. I can't believe that Thursday is the end of the semester. Our principal told us today that last year, the last day of the semester was January 27 because of all the snow days we had. Right now, we are scheduled to get out of school on May 24. It would be insanely wonderful if that happened. I'm all for an occasional snow day, but I need them to happen in December. Now play practice has started after school with my kids every day, and we need NO snow days to make this musical work!

Total randomness here, but I got the game Scrabble Flash from my Secret Santa before break. It is awesome. I have no idea how these tiles "talk" to each other, but the game is super fun. I let my 7th grade GOAL kids mess around with it today in class up on the ELMO projector so the whole class could watch. They played in teams and just loved it. I highly recommend it!

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