Wednesday, April 28, 2010


* It's going to be another rainy weekend. Blerg. But, Aunt Twila & Uncle Ben are going to be in town, so that will make things sunnier.

* Still no morels... grrr...

* I had an actual conversation on the phone with Tracy's Elora who is 2. Her little voice makes me weak. SO CUTE!

* 7th grade GOAL kids are working on stop-motion animated movies, and 8th grade GOAL kids are working on documentary films, so my poor classroom is flooded with cameras, tripods, sets, modeling clay... I'm drowning! In a good way!

* Andrew is kicking Professor Higgins' butt. My Fair Lady is going to be a really good show. The chorus seems really strong too. Come see it Father's Day weekend at the Sondheim Center.

* Hair got extended another weekend. Go see it, people! It's AMAZING!

* I cannot believe April is almost over. Stop the world! It's going too quickly! Wait. I'm ready for summer vacation pretty much right now. OK, world, start back up again.

* I wish I had a maid for just my kitchen. I could handle all the rest. Pretty much. Maybe I just need a maid period. Maybe I need to care more about housework in general. Hmm.

* I'm reading When You Reach Me out loud to Andrew right now. It's the Newbery Medal winner for 2010. This is an amazing book. Whether you're into young adult literature or not, you should read this book. It's put together so beautifully, and there are surprises. It comes together like a present at the end. Read it!

* I'm feeling very bossy. I'm giving a lot of orders in this post. :)

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