Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Final Countdown

Spring break is in sight. I just have to make it through this busy week. Tuesday is History Day with my 7th grade GOAL class. I only have 9 kids in that class, but with all the snow days this quarter, their projects have some much needed tweaking by Tuesday. I'm taking 2 performances and 4 exhibits... no documentaries this year. I was kind of surprised that no one chose to do a documentary, but it does make my job easier when it comes to all the equipment that has to be hauled for documentaries. I think they'll do well, but it's hard to know exactly how to prepare them for a situation they've never seen before.

Thursday is the 8th grade GOAL kids' Images of Greatness night. The 8th graders are the first group that I've had all 3 years of GOAL. I know I'll probably be teary that night. Their projects are really coming together. This week, they'll practice on stage, getting used to the microphone, etc. They'll have their dress rehearsal Wednesday, and we'll have Thursday in class to adjust anything if we need to before Thursday night.

These are the last two big events of the quarter, and once they're done, I can breathe a little sigh of relief and enjoy a week off. Andrew has his big show at Hoyt Sherman on March 27, so I'm glad I'll be available that week to help him do whatever he needs done in Des Moines. They're really putting out the publicity on the show, and it's exciting. He has ads running on Iowa Public Television as well as on the History Channel!

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