Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good News

My dad had his surgery yesterday, and we got a very good report. The surgeon thought that they got all the cancer out, and the soft tissue around the prostate was all clear. He also thought the lymph nodes looked clear, but they're sending several different samples to the lab to make sure. Dad was in good spirits and enjoying his morphine pump. :) Matt and I went to be with our stepmom during the surgery, and my dad's best friend Jimmy was there too. There were also 4 people from our church, including our pastor who stopped in to wait with us and see Dad after the surgery. We hope and pray the reports continue to be this good.

I leave at 3:30 today to accompany my 8th grade GOAL class on its trip to Des Moines. I know we'll have fun, and they better behave... or else! :)

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