Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Back!

Well. Have I had an exciting couple of weeks, or not? Definitely NOT. My little sickness turned out to be pneumonia. I ran a fever of over 100 for about 4 days straight, and I didn't get out of bed for about 4 days after that. I only missed 2 days of school, but I probably should have missed more. The land of the living is within my sights now, but I'm still just so darned weak. I'm like a little newborn kitten! I'm sick of being sick, that's for sure!

Last night was the first night I felt like getting out in over a week. Andrew & I went out to eat and then to the Fairfield High School speech team's Night of Theatre, Part I. Part II is next Tuesday, and these nights highlight all the group speech events for the year. I love it because I see a little bit of everything... ensemble acting, choral reading, one act play, mime, musical theatre, reader's theatre, improv... did I forget anything? Whew, that's a lot! I also love it because so many of the kids are my former students. It's just so fun to see them perform at the next level. I had at least 3 parents last night ask me if I'd come to watch "my kids" perform. I had. They're all "my kids," and I was so proud of them. I love seeing kids go out of their comfort zones and try new things, and I love watching the community, their parents, and their peers all come to support them. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I can't wait for Tuesday's show to see the rest of the acts. The team took 19 acts to district competition, and 15 of those are moving on to state. State is in Cedar Rapids on February 4, so they're all working out any last kinks in their entries. Fun times.

The middle school play is going well. It's a drama called Number the Stars, and it's set during World War II. I haven't really asked this much of my middle schoolers before, so they are having to make big leaps to meet my expectations. I know they can do it. I'm seeing a lot of growth from the kids, and I think the show has tons of potential. They're supposed to be off book next week, so we'll see how I feel when that happens!

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