Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer. Meh.

I'm taking grad classes.  All.  Freaking.  Summer.  It really sucks.  Yes, I want this degree.  Yes, I'm doing it in an economical way that I can actually pay for without a loan.  Yes, I'm learning some things.  SOME things.  Yes, I know I waited way too long to start this darned thing.  But (pouty face), I want a summer!  I have so many things I wanted to read and plan and do, and these classes are seriously cramping my style. 

Plus, I have seriously mangled my back.  I've been on major anti-inflammatories and muscles relaxers for over a week.  It even ruined my last night that Jeff was here.  It's starting to royally get on my nerves.  I'm going to try the chiropractor this week, and I'm going back to the doctor.  I've self-diagnosed on the interwebs, and I either have a pinched nerve or spinal cancer.  That's the trouble with self-diagnosing on the interwebs.  It's not good for hypochondriacs like me.

I need an attitude adjustment.  I think it's going to come in the form of being with Tracy and the girls next weekend for three days.  I need some Tracy time.  And some Christy Creme.  I've been working really hard to eat healthier.  I've actually lost about 16 pounds, and I know Christy Creme is not on that diet.  I'll get a small cone instead of a medium.  I promise.  Tracy and Christy Creme.  Just what Dr. Tena ordered.  Not that I've looked ahead on the Christy Creme sherbet calendar or anything, but if anyone was wondering, the flavors when I'm at Tracy's happen to be raspberry, blackberry, apricot, and lime.  Not a pineapple in sight.  See?  It's meant to be.

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