Saturday, February 18, 2012

And the moral of the story is...

Don't pick a zit. Actually the moral is don't pick at anything above your lip line. Ever. Especially when you still have some infection rolling around your bod from a case of pneumonia. If you pick that zit, and you still have some infection rolling around your bod from a case of pneumonia, guess what happens? Well, first, said zit gets infected. Red and angry and swollen infected. Second, by the time you go to bed that night, your glands & lymph nodes on the zit side of your head and neck will all be swollen. Third, by the time you wake up, you can't even lie on your pillow on that side of your head because the swollen glands by your jaw will be too sore to touch.

Better go to the doctor, right? Not so easy during Iowa standardized tests, but if you have a great principal like I do, you can make it work. Then the doctor will take one look at it and write a prescription of 4 horse pills a day for 10 days (it looks like I buy my antibiotic in bulk at Sam's Club). You then get a lecture about picking stuff on your face. Great. You also are told that if you are not noticeably better in 24 hours, you are to come back for an antibiotic injection, and if that doesn't work, you're getting put in the hospital.

All from picking a zit.

Luckily, I'm better, but take my advice. Don't do it.

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  1. I almost feel guilty about laughing! But, dang girl! :)


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