Friday, October 21, 2011

22 Things I've Never Done

One of the blogs I get a kick out of is MomJovi. I actually started following her when I somehow came across a post about how obsessed her little daughter is with The Sound of Music. I've been hooked ever since. Today, her post had a little reader challenge along with it. It stems from another blog post from I blog I don't follow currently, but it looks really fun. It's called Mama's Losin' It, and here is the post with the challenge. I think I'll play along and link it back.

22 Things I've Never Done

I'm 39 years old, and here are some things I've never done:

1. I've never been to Hawaii.
2. I've never installed new smoke detectors in my house even though I bought some a long time ago.
3. I've never been able to ride my bike with no hands on the handlebars.
4. I've never had my house all clean at one time since I bought it.
5. I've never parasailed.
6. I've never made my own Thanksgiving dinner.
7. I've never had a brand new car.
8. I've never put up window treatments in my own house until this year, even though I bought it in 2001.
9. I've never danced on a bar.
10. I've never been sorry I became a teacher, even with how hard the job has become.
11. I've never really believed in Hell.
12. I've never been to a continent other than North America and Europe.
13. I've never been ashamed of my age.
14. I've never seen Modern Family.
15. I've never been a registered Republican.
16. I've never been on spinny or pendulous rides since I got sicker than sick on the Galleon at Adventureland.
19. I've never enjoyed singing karaoke.
20. I've never eaten liver.
21. I've never had a tattoo.
22. I've never stopped missing my mom... not even for one day.


  1. I really enjoyed this! Especially #4, I feel the same way about my house. I too have never eaten liver. But I have to say the last one brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog... I enjoyed yours too! :)


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