Monday, September 5, 2011

Okonomiyaki and Other Hmmm's

Andrew's Holly is off on an adventure for a few days, but before she left, she made us a week's supply of Okonomiyaki, Osaka style. Oh my stars, it is delicious. She has made us Hiroshima style in the past, but that's harder to make ahead of time. My quest today was to find out how many freaking Weight Watcher points there are in Okonomiyaki. I found so many different recipes, it was unbelievable. The conclusion I came to is this: every culture has a few dishes that are "garbage" dishes, where you can throw in a little of whatever you have on hand. Filipino cuisine has pancit, which is one of my favorites. In high school, my friend Ricco's mom Alita would make us pancit and Filipino eggrolls, and we thought we were in Heaven!

What do you think is the American equivalent of this "garbage" dish? I was thinking omelettes, but those aren't really American. Maybe the sandwich? Hm. Something to ponder.

And in case you were wondering (humor me, and pretend like you care), I think the point value for the version I ate is 9.


  1. I LOVE okonomiyaki!!!! I'll have to make my "Mukunoso version" for you's probably about 27 points, but it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This looks DELICIOUS! I need to pay Holly to make me some! :-)

  3. I am on ww and just had one.. I think it was 14 pts.. added up 90 grams flour, One egg, one oz meat, and the sauce on top... Rest are zero points..


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