Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Favorite Easter Treat

Yes, boys and girls, it's almost Easter. And for me, that means one of my favorite treats of all. Cadbury Mini Eggs. It's a very good thing that they're only sold once a year. I started working out with some other middle school teachers this week. Our principal's wife (beautiful, nice, fit... so easy to want to beat her) has sufficiently kicked my butt on two different days now. I'm more sore than I ever remember being, but in a sick, masochistic way, it feels good. Therefore, I will try not to buy more than the one bag of mini eggs I've allowed myself for the whole pre-Easter season. I will savor each and every one and ration them as carefully as I can. You may wonder what the big deal is with Cadbury Mini Eggs. Well, this candy blogger expresses my feelings exactly... click here to understand yourself.


  1. Those are my favorite too. :D

  2. Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite too! I also have to try and limit myself to one bag per Easter. Somehow this year I ended up with a Family Size bag. I swear I didn't notice till I got home! :)


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